Healthy Eyes Presentation Series

Are you a community health educator, outreach worker, public health professional, community or senior center program director, occupational health nurse, safety director, or employer looking for educational material on eye health and safety or seeking to understand more about age-related eye disease? These educational resources will help you better serve your patients, customers and constituents.

Healthy Eyes Presentation Series

Healthy Eyes Educational Series

Did you know that the annual cost of adult vision problems in the US is over $51 billion every year?  And that half of all blindness is preventable if eye disease is detected and treated early and 90% of all eye injuries could have been prevented.

Use the Healthy Eyes Educational Series to build awareness among your clients, co-workers, employees or cohorts of eye and vision basics, common adult vision disorders, eye safety precautions and proactive behaviors that give the best chance for a lifetime of healthy vision.

The modular program includes a Presenter Guide and Power Point on various eye health and safety topics that you can customize for your audience.  Modules include:

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Refractive Errors
  • Contact Lens Safety
  • Adult Eye Disorders
  • Low Vision
  • Home Safety
  • Sports Safety
  • Work Safety

If you would like to use modules from the Healthy Eyes Presentation Series for school or community eye health education, please submit a request to receive download instructions.


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