Tennessee School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Tennessee requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Twice for students in grades kindergarten through 3rd and twice during grades 4th through 8th

Requires a system-wide grade level screening conducted by each school system in the state. Vision screening is required two times during grades K-3, and twice during grades 4-8. It is recommended that grades K and 2 be screened in the lower grades, and grades 4 and 8 are screened in the upper grades. Students in all classrooms in the specified grade level must be screened. This screening does not require parental permission; however, parents should be notified of screening results. Other students who should be screened are those who are new to the school system and those suspected of having a vision problem by their teachers.

School systems may utilize school personnel, volunteers, or agencies to conduct their system-wide screening. Minimum procedures for vision screening include distance and near vision acuity. Muscle balance, visual field, depth perception, and color perception may also be included. A Vision Screening Results Form may be used to record the results of vision screening. If a student fails any of the areas below, a second screening should be done as confirmation of the problem. This second screening is a continuation of the initial screening and should be administered on a different day, if possible. The practice of confirming the results of the initial screening should reduce errors and/or over-referrals.

It is not necessary or students who have already been identified with visual impairments to undergo vision screening and/or a referral to an eye specialist. A vision screening program must include a referral for an eye examination. Follow-up procedures should include appropriate medical examination and intervention. Screening personnel should notify those responsible for follow-up when students fail the screening. Results of the final screening should be recorded in the student’s cumulative record. Tennessee Vision & Hearing Screening and Interventions in General Education