Nebraska School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Requirement: Visual evaluation
  • Frequency of Requirement: Children entering a Nebraska school

Nebraska requires a visual evaluation for children entering a Nebraska school. The examination must occur within six months prior to the entrance of a child into the school. The parents or guardian is required to provide for the expense of this examination.

Requires every school district shall cause every child under its jurisdiction to be separately and carefully inspected to ascertain if such child is suffering from defective sight. If such inspection determines that any child has such condition, the school shall notify the parent of the child in writing of such condition and explain to such parent the necessity of professional attendance for such child. No child shall be compelled to submit to a physical examination other than the inspection by the school over the written objection of his or her parent or guardian delivered to the school authorities. Nebraska Statute §79-248

Requires a visual evaluation by a physician, a physician assistant, an advanced practice registered nurse, or an optometrist within six months prior to the entrance of a child into the beginner grade or, in the case of a transfer from out of state, to any other grade of the local school, which consists of testing for amblyopia, strabismus, and internal and external eye health, with testing sufficient to determine visual acuity, except that no such visual evaluation shall be required of any child whose parent or guardian objects in writing. The cost of such visual evaluation shall be borne by the parent or guardian of each child who is examined. Nebraska Revised Statute §79-214, Nebraska Statute §79-248, Nebraska Revised Statute §79-214