Minnesota School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Minnesota requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Children registered for the first time in a Minnesota school (including kindergarten or 1st grade and transferring students)

Requires every school board provide for a mandatory program of early childhood developmental screening (including vision screening or referral for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment when potential needs are identified) for children at least once before school entrance. This screening examination is a mandatory requirement for a student to continue attending kindergarten or first grade in a public school. A child need not submit to developmental screening provided by a board if the child's health records indicate to the board that the child has received comparable screening from a public or private health care organization or individual health care provider within the preceding 365 days. Each school district must provide the essential data to the Department of Education. A child must not be enrolled in kindergarten in a public school unless the parent or guardian of the child submits to the school principal or other person having general control and supervision of the school a record indicating the months and year the child received developmental screening and the results of the screening not later than 30 days after the first day of attendance (for new and transferred students).

Screening shall be consistent with the standards of the state commissioner of health for early developmental screening programs. If a child is without health coverage, the school district must refer the child to an appropriate health care provider. If a statement signed by the child's parent or guardian is submitted to the administrator or other person having general control and supervision of the school that the child has not been screened because of conscientiously held beliefs of the parent or guardian, the screening is not required. If any child's screening indicates a condition which requires diagnosis or treatment, the child's parents shall be notified of the condition and the board shall ensure that an appropriate follow-up and referral process is available. A board may contract with or purchase service from an approved early developmental screening program in the area. Screening must be conducted by either an individual who is licensed as, or has training that is similar to a special education teacher, school psychologist, kindergarten teacher, prekindergarten teacher, school nurse, public health nurse, registered nurse, or physician. The individual may be a volunteer. The district must provide the parent or guardian of the child screened with a record indicating the month and year the child received screening and the results of the screening. The district must keep a duplicate copy of the record of each child screened. Minnesota Statute ยง121A.17