Kansas School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Kansas requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Every student, not less than once every two years while enrolled in a school governed by the Kansas school board

Requires each school board to provide basic vision screening without charge to every pupil not less than once every two years. Tests shall be performed by a teacher or some other person designated by the school board. The results of the test and, if necessary, the desirability of examination by a qualified physician, ophthalmologist or optometrist shall be reported to the parents or guardians of such pupils. The requirements of this subsection shall not apply to a pupil who has had a basic vision screening examination within six months prior to the provision of basic vision screening in the school in which the pupil is enrolled. Each pupil needing assistance in achieving mastery of basic reading, writing and mathematics skills shall be encouraged to obtain an eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to determine if the pupil suffers from conditions which impair the ability to read. Expense for such examination, if not reimbursed through Medicaid, Healthwave, private insurance or other governmental or private program, shall be the responsibility of the pupil's parent or guardian. Kansas Statute ยง72-5205 Section 15