California School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • California requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Children upon initial enrollment at a state elementary school and at least every third year thereafter until the child has completed the eighth grade

Requires vision screening of each pupil enrolled in the schools of the district, provided by the governing board of any school district. The test shall be adequate in nature and shall be given only by duly qualified supervisors of health employed by the district; or by certificated employees of the district or of the county superintendent of schools who possess the qualifications prescribed by the Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing; or by contract with an agency duly authorized to perform those services by the county superintendent of schools of the county in which the district is located, under guidelines established by the State Board of Education; or accredited schools or colleges of optometry, osteopathic medicine, or medicine. The records of the tests shall serve as evidence of the need of the pupils for the educational facilities provided physically handicapped individuals.  The equipment necessary to conduct the tests may be purchased or rented by governing boards of school districts. California Education Code §49452

Requires vision be appraised upon first enrollment of a child at a California elementary school, and at least every third year thereafter until the child has completed the eighth grade. This evaluation shall include tests for visual acuity and color vision; however, color vision shall be appraised of male pupils once they have reached the first grade. The results of the color vision appraisal shall be entered in the health record of the pupil. Gross external observation of the child's eyes, visual performance, and perception shall be done by the school nurse and the classroom teacher.  The evaluation may be waived, if the child's parents so desire, by their presenting of a certificate from a physician and surgeon or an optometrist setting out the results of a determination of the child's vision, including visual acuity and color vision. Any parent/guardian may object to the evaluation on religious grounds. California Education Code §49455